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Filmcast - Bond Has Dated

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The entertainment industry has developed and evolved over the last 100 years and each decade has brought cultural changes in social norms. So, it's only natural that many things age out of their time. With the Bond franchise spanning six decades, it was inevitable there would be some moments which do not fit today's social standards.

That said, the Bond character and the films have always been criticised for the outdated attitudes prevalent from the books and over years there has been an attempt to change with the times.

In this episode, the Bond Daft lads reconvene to discuss the most egregious moments where the franchise has not aged well and with that discuss such weighty subjects as inherent casual racism, inequality and blatent mysogyny over the entire saga of films. It's a fascinating topic and also gives us many moments to play everyone's favourite jingle.


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