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Filmcast - The Terminator

In this Deja-Revu episode, the Kapeesh crew are stuck in a time paradox which somehow involves discussing the (proper) James Cameron film debut in spoilerific detail - for eternity.

So, if you have a few endless life cycles on you, give it a listen as we discuss the merits of one of cinema's classics. We go into our feelings on Schwarzenegger's star-making turn as the titular baddie, Linda Hamilton's brilliant performance as the soldier-in-making Sarah Connor and, of course, Michael Biehn's intense portrayal of Kyle Reese.

We also delve into plot, writing, Brad Fidel's inconic score and a whole load on the very logistics of the time travel storyline. Not to mention where it may have dated (ahem, stop-motion effects).

It's one not to be missed. Unless of course you are currently being targeted for termination. In that case, good luck!

For everyone else, enjoy!

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