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Who are we?

The Kapeesh Crew are a right motley bunch, dredged up from the very worst Scottish hellhole taverns, hosed down and plonked in front of a bunch of microphones. Not knowing why they're there, or - indeed - who they are, they sit and mumble for hours, usually in a self-indulgent fashion, about things nobody else in the entire world cares about.

Or at least that's how our 'friends' and 'family' would describe us. Curse them.

In reality we're five blokes - most with some kind of either current, academic or previous experience in the world of media - who have come together to share our collective wit and wisdom as regards movies, television shows, computer games and so on and so forth. We are, as previously mentioned, from Scotland, so we come handily packaged with wonderful and occasionally hard to understand accents - and a lot of sarcasm. 

You'll see a few combinations of the following members on the various filmcasts:

Steven Barry, Steve McCaul, Gordon Webster, Scott Armour and Fran Murphy.

For example, the entire set have been working on the epic Bond Daft Cast, whereas the Star Trek Captain's Log project was carried out by Fran and Steven Barry. Gordon and Steven Barry have looked into the music of Bond, and there are a few times where Fran didn't attend the Bond podcasts because he was 'incapacitated'. Although there was the one occasion where he let the guys know ahead of time that he was going to be busy, but that was unusual because - frankly - he's completely unreliable. Well, not really, but it's fun to rib him.

We also write bits and pieces for the site. We're going to do more of that going forward. Reviews of games, features, news and so on.

Anyway, that's us. We hope you come to 'not hate us' enough to listen to us over and over again. 

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