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Filmcast - Best Bond Villain Lairs

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

If you want to be taken seriously as a megalomaniacal super villain, you need the perfect lavish base to concoct your devious schemes. At least, that's what the Bond universe has taught us!

Some prefer to go for the classic hidden volcano base or the underwater super tanker and there are others that prefer the logical option; the mobile armoured train or the invisible stealth ship. And don't forget to consider the space station! So many options.

But there are costs to consider and expensive contractor work so consider that when you start planning the building of your solar-powered laser hidden within your own island (with its own deathmatch funhouse too).

In this episode, we gather together to discuss our favourites over the course of the franchise and pay tribute to the fantastic set designs and locations used to house Bond's baddies. At least, three of us appeared - Fran was off monitoring the Danger Wheel levels.


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