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Filmcast - FOTY 2017 - Best Visuals

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Ok, we got there in the end guys! After three and a half hours of gruelling, fist-clenching, A&E inducing debate, we finally got there and made the Film of the Year 2017 podcasts!

What's that? We still need to do the final category Top 10 of the Best Films with over 40 nominees to discuss? Oh good Lord!

Right, well I have worked up the courage to sit and begin to edit these things. Having so much content I decided to break them down into chunks and so this is Part 1 which will comprise of our Getting to Know Our Guests section as well as the first category, Best Visuals.

I'm hoping the mix sounds ok as heavy mastering was required but I may give it a final go-round when I have gotten more used to the tools in the new program I have been using.

Anyways, enough of the boring stuff. Here is Part 1 of about 50 parts coming over the next while.

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