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Will Venom be the main villain in Spider-Man 3?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Dr Movie News caught our eye earlier on that legendary, revolving door of endless torture known as Twitter. How? Well, they posted this intriguing little nugget of information...

Gruesome stuff. And what a tease you are, Tom Hardy! Posting up something like that and then quickly deleting it: it's almost as if your door was immediately busted in by a team of crack lawyers from Sony (second only in the Terrifying Lawyers List to Disney's sadistic bunch), immediately bound and gagged and forced to re-read your non-disclosure agreements while wearing 'eye-forcing-openers' a la A Clockwork Orange. Or, perhaps, you simply did it on purpose to be a giant tease and then took it down, cackling with sadistic pleasure at the hornet's nest you'd just kicked. Watching us all buzz about like a bunch of pathetic, micro-brained symbiotic life forms, eking an existence off of your every casual thought and action. Not that we're insecure or anything.

Anyway, what do you reckon, friendly viewers? Was it all a false flag? Is it fake news? Should Tom Hardy be excised from the face of the internet just like David Icke? Is prodding Venom fans as bad as getting people to set fire to 5G masts? (For those who are idiots - Fran does not and will never agree with David Icke and his ideas about 5G. Do not, ever, set fire to 5G masts. This is called a 'pointed, biting reference' and is a tool in the arsenal of complete and utter hacks like Fran. Anyway, carry on - Ed.) Thanks. As I was saying - what do you think? Opinions below please.

(Isn't it amazing how much you can write about one tweet! Oops, didn't mean to publish this bit.)

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