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First look at New Mutants' bad guys

No, it's not the latest in cosmetic surgery gone wrong: you're looking at the beautiful face of the 'smiley men', the villains from the upcoming New Mutants film. Bits and pieces from the production have been creeping out into the wider world, probably because the film was supposed to come out in April but has, as is the case with many movies, been delayed due to everybody's favourite virus.

We can thank Cinefex Magazine for this early look at the horrendous smiley men. If you want to get some more info on the film, head on over to their site and spend $15 to get a hold of Issue 170. Or, if you're cheap (like me), you could just read a summary here of what we know so far. It often amuses me to ask Google what something is about, because it comes up with the blandest descriptions ever:

Indeed. But where do the smiley men come from? The mind of Dani Moonstar, apparently, one of the New Mutants (played by Blu Hunt). Otherwise known as Psyche and Mirage, she can seemingly draw images and concepts from people's nightmares and bring them to life. Smiley men, of course, evoke images of an army of Emojis coming after you along darkened corridors. But, alas, we've been given these uglier and less circular enemies instead:

In terms of when or if or where the movie itself will come out: who knows! There are rumblings that it might end up on Disney+, but there's nothing to indicate when. Unless I've missed something incredibly obvious, but stop your complaining or I'll dredge up something from your nightmares a la Dani Moonstar.

If any other morsels of information creep out, we'll post it up here for you to gobble up like the information starved mob that you are.

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