Filmcast - Sir Sean Connery Retrospective

Sir Sean Connery sadly passed away on 31/10/2020 and to many he was the first and quintessential James Bond actor. Growing up in working class Edinburgh he eventually found international fame as the super suauve British spy, 007.

However, growing tired of the role he then left the franchise and embarked on an incredible eclectic career which saw him portray Russian Naval captains, Egyptians, a Spannish swordsman and an Irish Prohibition cop for which he eventually won an Academy Award.

However, becoming disenfranchised with Hollywood, Connery announced his retirement in 2003 and lived peacefully in Nassau with his wife.

On this episode the Bond Daft crew delve into our first experiences with Connery as Bond as well as some of our favourite roles since playing the secret agent and recounting the stories of his early days. We also discuss what made him so iconic in the industry as well as his charity work for Scottish Arts and Industry.

Amongst the praise for his legend we do acknowledge his controversial views regarding domestic violence and, although not discussed on the podcast in detail, we reiterate that we do not condone those views and it is unfortunately a stain on his film and cultural legacy.

But as a film podcast we do focus primarily on the actor and his work so hopefully you can enjoy this podcast which celebrates the film career of, arguably, Scotland's biggest movie star.

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