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Filmcast - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Yeah, BABY, YEAH! Do we make you horny? How about randy? In fact, don't answer that.

In this very shagadelic episode, we rewatch Mike Myers' Bond parody released in 1997 and directed by Jay Roach. After a middling cinema run, the film would become a home video sensation and would propel the character and franchise into box office gold(member), with two sequels over the subsequent five years.

In this very groovy recap, we discuss the film's merit with particular focus on characters, style of humour, music and its effective parody of the Bond franchise. We also delve deep into where the film has aged with particular focus on moments that would likely be omitted in 2022. Because that IS our bag, baby.

So, grab your Swedish-Made Penis Enlarger Pumps (with accompanying receipt), don your best frilly shirt and sit down with us to journey forward from 1969 into a classic '90s comedy.

And, of course, enjoy!

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