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Filmcast - 2018 Q1 Recap and The Departed

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Like buses, nothing for a while and all of a sudden two come along at once! That's right, Episode 6 is here and Scott and I natter about all things film as we summarise the first quarter of 2018 as well as introduce our new feature, the Deja-Re-Vu section.

In this podcast of two halves, Scott and I spend the first section sharing our thoughts on the recent output of 2018 with reviews of Hostiles, Ready Player One, Netflix films Annihilation and Titan as well as a quick summary on Black Panther, I, Tonya and The Post. The second section is our new feature Deja-Re-Vu and this week we look back at The Departed. Or is it The Depaaawwtted?

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